martes, 29 de abril de 2008

¡Una nueva política ya!

Interesante artículo sobre los 'value voters' en Estados Unidos.

...Today's Republicans offer white working-class voters traditional values but not economic progressivism. Contemporary Democrats offer economic progressivism but not traditional values. While neither party gives white working class voters the blend of moderate social conservatism and moderate economic progressivism that they want, Republicans continue to benefit from the fact that in the United States, as in much of the world, identity-defining values outweigh material interests. When there is a conflict between people's pocketbooks and their values, most voters choose the latter. People who would not risk a blister for a raise will die for a creed.

The irony here is that liberals do acknowledge the importance of communal identity when it comes to Black History Month, Gay Pride Day or the need for black, Latino and women's studies at universities. But many elite liberals are all too happy to criticize heavily working-class white subcultures, like Irish-American Catholics and Southern Scots-Irish Protestants, when they refuse to sacrifice their identities to their economic interests. Now that the Democrats raise more money and win more votes than Republicans from the super-rich, this has given rise to a blatant double standard. When Obama's big-city donors vote their ideals, not their interests, they consider themselves enlightened and noble; when small-town white traditionalists do the same, they are considered pathetic dupes...

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